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※KINTEX Parking Service Tel. 031-995-7265

Category Parking Fee
General Rate
(Parking lot)
Passenger Cars, Vans
Fneight Vehicles (under 2.5 ton)
Standard 30minutes : 1,500KRW
Additional Per 10 minutes : 500KRW
Daily Rate : 12,000KRW
Fneight Vehicles (2.5 ton or over)
Bus (25 seater or larger)
Standard 30minutes : 3,000KRW
Additional Per 10 minutes : 1,000KRW
Daily Rate : 24,000KRW
Vehicles of Persons of National Merit, or disabilities 50% discounts
Low Emission Vehicles
(Hybrid/Electronic Cars)
  • No duplicate discounts are allowed.
  • A 30-min parking grace time applies when using the free collection machine in the lobby.
  • Parking fees will not be charged for the first 20 minutes of the parking. After 20 minutes has expired, a standard fee will be charged.
* Detailed information can be found on the KINTEX website. Shortcut