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  • Is food and drink allowed inside the venue?
    Food and drink are not allowed. Please use the food and beverage facilities inside KINTEX.
  • Is there a shuttle bus?
    We are unable to provide shuttle bus this year due to COVID-19.
    Please use other modes of transportation to the event venue.
    For more information please refer our website 'Overview > Other guide > Traffic guidance'
  • From what age can you enter?

    Infants aged 36 months or older can enter. For preschoolers or the lower grades of elementary school, please accompany their parents. According to the corona prevention guidelines, Infants under 36 months are not allowed.

  • Do children need to go through pre-registration?

    Pre-registration is required for children too. If you do not have the child's email and cell phone number, please register the parent's information. Please be careful not to duplicate the ID.

  • Is there a way to check the visit date that I have registered?

    After logging in to the homepage, you can check the information at the bottom of My Page. If you cannot confirm the date, please contact the office.

  • I want to check the pre-registration information I registered.

    You can check the pre-registration information by logging in to the website. You can change the pre-registration information on My Page.



  • Are there any cosplay events this year?
    The 2022 PlayX4 has various events for cosplay participants. More details will be announced later, and we ask for your interest.
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