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Introduce the exhibitiors
Introduce the exhibitiors

Telepathy TongTong
  • Launch (scheduled) platform

    PC,Mobile,Console,AR/VR,Arcade,Products (gaming gear, goods, etc...)

  • Launch (scheduled) genre

    Role-playing,Shooting,Action,Puzzle,Simulation,Adventure,Strategy,Sport,Sandbox,Products (gaming gear, goods, etc...)

  • Development phase


  • Commercialization

    Commercialization (2022년 05월 07일)

  • Game introduction

    ‘Telepathy TongTong’ is a warm empathy board game that you can learn what your family, friends, and lovers are thinking from the sounds. You also can build a bond of sympathy through this. When we hear the same sounds, can we think the same thought? Send telepathy to the person next to you right now. Telepathy TongTong!

Corporate information

1301, Gwachon-daero 939, Gwanak-gu, Seoul-si, Republic of Korea
Korea Tabletop game Desiner Association
  • Representative name

    Juhwa Lee

  • Company type

  • Location

    Republic of Korea

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