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Introduce the exhibitiors
Introduce the exhibitiors

Pratheron The Board : Labyrinth
  • Launch (scheduled) platform

    Products (gaming gear, goods, etc...)

  • Launch (scheduled) genre


  • Development phase


  • Commercialization

    Commercialization (scheduled) (2022년 12월 31일)

  • Game introduction

    Game Goal The ancient seal is broken, and the existence of chaos in the abyss is about to consume the world. You enter a labyrinth discovered in a shrine in the forest, the beginning of the work to stop the conspiracy of sealed beings that have been going on for several ages from the present to the sealed ancient times. Choose a character and defeat the beasts who want to invade the town, collect items, learn skills, and grow to protect the town from the threat of evil in the labyrinth.

Corporate information

1301, Gwachon-daero 939, Gwanak-gu, Seoul-si, Republic of Korea
Korea Tabletop game Desiner Association
  • Representative name

    Juhwa Lee

  • Company type

  • Location

    Republic of Korea

Other content of the company
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