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Terms of service
Chapter 1 general rule
Article 1 (Purpose)
These terms and conditions are the terms and conditions of use of all Internet-related services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by PlayX4 B2B (hereinafter referred to as "PlayX4") built and operated by Gyeonggi Content Agency, and the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of users and PlayX4. The purpose is to stipulate other necessary matters.

Article 2 (Effect and Change of Terms)
1. PlayX4 will provide services to you on the condition that you agree to the terms and conditions, and if you agree to the terms and conditions, these terms and conditions will take precedence in the provision of services of PlayX4 and your use of services. Will be applied.
2. PlayX4 may change these terms and conditions without prior notice, and the changed terms and conditions will be announced on the PlayX4 site so that users can directly check them. If the user does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, the user may cancel his or her membership registration (withdrawal from membership), and continued use is considered as consent to the change of the terms and conditions. The revised terms and conditions will take effect upon notice.

Article 3 (rules other than terms and conditions)
1. These terms and conditions are applied together with the terms and conditions for the service provided by PlayX4.
2. Matters not specified in this agreement are subject to the provisions of the Basic Telecommunications Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Deliberation Regulations of the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, the Information and Communication Ethics Code, the Program Protection Act and other related laws.

Article 4 (definition of terms)
The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.

1. User: A person who has subscribed as a member as a person who receives the services provided by PlayX4 in accordance with these terms and conditions.
2. Subscription: The act of completing the service contract by entering the relevant information in the application form provided by PlayX4 and agreeing to these terms and conditions.
3. Member: A person who has registered as a member by providing personal information to PlayX4, who is provided with PlayX4 information and can use the services provided by PlayX4
4. PlayX4 ID: Member ID information applied by a member and approved by PlayX4 for member identification and member service use
5. Password: A combination of letters and numbers selected by the user to ensure that the user and member IDs match and to protect their confidentiality in communication.
6. Withdrawal: The act of a member terminating the contract of use
7. Terms not defined in this agreement are defined in separate terms and conditions for individual services.

Chapter 2 service provision and use
Article 5 (establishment of use contract)
1. The contract of use is established from the time the applicant completes the subscription by recording the information requested in the prescribed subscription application form for PlayX4 online, and the verification process of PlayX4 after registration is verified.
2. PlayX4 can cancel the subscription for the following usage contracts.
1) When applying in the name of another person
2) When the contents of the application for use contract are falsely entered or when false documents are attached.
3) When applying for the purpose of hindering social well-being and order or morals
4) When you interfere with other people's use of PlayX4 service or steal the information
5) In case of using the PlayX4 site to perform acts prohibited by laws and regulations and these terms and conditions
6) When other PlayX4 application requirements are incomplete
3. In the following cases, PlayX4 may withhold the establishment of the contract until the reason is resolved.
1) In case of insufficient service-related capacity
2) If there is a reason for technical failure

Article 6 (Consent to the use of member information)
1. The privacy policy of PlayX4 applies to members' personal information.
2. PlayX4's member information is collected, used, managed and protected as follows.
1) Collection of personal information: PlayX4 collects information about you through the information you provide when you sign up for the PlayX4 service and information you provide for community activities.
2) Use of personal information: PlayX4 does not disclose or distribute the personal information of members collected in connection with the provision of PlayX4 services to third parties without the consent of the person. However, if there is a request from a state agency according to laws such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications, if there is a request for investigation of a crime, or if there is a request from the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, or if there is a request in accordance with the procedures prescribed by other relevant laws, This is not the case if you disclose the personal information you provided to PlayX4 yourself.
3) Management of personal information: You can modify/delete your personal information from time to time in the personal information management of the service for the protection and management of personal information. You can also change/adjust the parts of the received information that you think are unnecessary.
4) Protection of personal information: Only you can view/edit/delete your personal information, which is managed entirely by your PlayX4 ID and password. Therefore, do not inform others of your PlayX4 ID and password, and be sure to log out at the end of the work and close the web browser window (this is done in public places such as internet cafes or libraries where computers are shared with others. It is necessary to protect your information when using a computer)
5) Others: Please be aware that other people may collect and use personal information that you voluntarily provide online, such as bulletin boards and e-mails. Personal information posted in public spaces may lead to unwanted situations. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information, and PlayX4 is not responsible for the consequences of personal information leakage.
3. When a member applies for use in accordance with these terms and conditions to PlayX4, it is deemed to agree that PlayX4 collects, uses, and provides the member information described in the application in accordance with these terms and conditions.
4. I am using the registered email address when searching for the member password.

Article 7 (User information security)
1. From the moment the subscription applicant completes the PlayX4 service subscription process, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information entered, and the member himself is responsible for all results arising from the use of the member's PlayX4 ID and password.
2. The member is responsible for all management of PlayX4 ID and password, and if it is discovered that the member's PlayX4 ID or password has been illegally used, they must immediately report it to PlayX4. All responsibility for failure to report is the responsibility of the member.
3. The user must ensure that the connection is correctly terminated every time the use of the PlayX4 service is terminated, and PlayX4 shall be liable for damages and losses arising as a result of the use of information about you by a third party by not terminating correctly. I do not burden it.

Article 8 (Service Hours)
1. Service usage hours are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless there is a special problem in PlayX4's business or technology.
2. The usage hours in Paragraph 1 are excluded from the days or times set by PlayX4 due to the need for regular inspection.

Article 9 (Suspension of service and storage and use of information)
1. If PlayX4 needs to temporarily stop the service due to difficulties in providing normal service, the service may be stopped after a notice one week before the service stoppage, and PlayX4 will be held liable for failure to recognize the contents of the notice during this period. I do not burden it. In case of unavoidable circumstances, the above notice period may be reduced or omitted. In addition, if the contents of messages stored or transmitted in the service and other communication messages are not stored or deleted due to the suspension of the service above, PlayX4 is also responsible for the case of failure to transmit or loss of other communication data. I do not burden it.
2. If it is necessary to permanently suspend the service due to the circumstances of PlayX4, it is subject to the preceding paragraph. However, in this case, the prior notice period is 1 month.
3. PlayX4 may temporarily modify, change and suspend the service after prior notice, and will not bear any responsibility to you or any third party for this.
4. PlayX4 may arbitrarily restrict or stop the use of the service if the user violates the terms of this agreement. In this case, PlayX4 may prohibit the user's access, and may delete all or part of the domain name and posted content set by the user above.
5. If you are a long-term dormant member, you can stop using the service after a one-week notice period after announcement or announcement.
6. PlayX4 reserves the right to solicit change and delete the domain name and other information (hereinafter referred to as "domain") set by the member when signing up.
7. PlayX4 is based on the usage rate of the "domain," etc. for "domains" set and managed by the subscriber, the purpose of using this service by the subscriber, the suitability of the name "domain, etc." set and managed by the subscriber, and other reasons If there is a need to change or delete the "domain," etc., the change or deletion is recommended to the subscriber for a period of one week, and if there is no action by the subscriber during that period, it can be arbitrarily changed or deleted.< br>
Article 10 (Change and Termination of Service)
1. PlayX4 is not responsible for the profits or losses you expect from using the service or for damages caused by data obtained through the service, and regarding the information, data, facts, reliability, accuracy, etc. We are not responsible.
2. PlayX4 is not responsible for damages caused by the subscriber's intention or negligence among the damages incurred by the subscriber in connection with the use of the service.

Article 11 (providing information and posting advertisements)
1. In operating the service, PlayX4 can provide various information to members by posting on the service.
2. PlayX4 may post advertisements that are deemed appropriate for the service or may be utilized.

Article 12 (Copyright of posts submitted to us)
1. You have the right to the content of the posts you post.
2. PlayX4 reserves the right to edit and move posted content without prior notice, and in the following cases, it can be deleted without prior notice.
1) In case of posting a post that violates these Terms of Service or is deemed to be commercial or illegal, obscene or vulgar
2) In the case of content that defames other members or a third party or defames by slandering
3) If the content violates public order and morals
4) If the content is recognized as being linked to criminal activity
5) In case of content that infringes other rights such as copyrights of a third party
6) Posts posted by withdrawers
7) In case of violation of other related laws
3. You are solely responsible for the civil and criminal liability arising from your postings infringing on the copyrights of others.

Article 13 (User's Code of Conduct and Restrictions on Service Use)
1. If the contents of the information provided by you are found to be false (car name, non-real name, etc.), or if there is a reasonable reason to suspect that, PlayX4 may stop your use of this service in part or in whole, and for this reason We are not responsible for any disadvantages that arise.
2. You are responsible for all forms of information posted, transmitted, or obtained through the PlayX4 service, or posted, transmitted or obtained by e-mail or other means, and PlayX4 is not responsible for any.
3. PlayX4 does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and quality of the contents of services provided by subscribers or other affiliates other than those provided by PlayX4. Therefore, PlayX4 will not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred by your use of the above.
4. You agree not to perform the following actions through this service.
1) Stealing someone else's PlayX4 ID, password, and social security number
2) Transmitting, posting, posting, e-mailing or otherwise transmitting content that is vulgar, obscene, offensive, threatening, or infringing on the privacy of others.
3) Disguising the source of the content transmitted through the service
4) Posting, posting, e-mailing, or sending content that cannot be used by law or contract
5) Posting, posting, e-mailing, or sending other information that infringes on other's patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights
6) Posting, posting, e-mailing or otherwise sending advertisements, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, letters of luck, pyramid schemes, or other forms of solicitation that are not approved by PlayX4.
7) Collecting or storing personal information of other users
8) Registration of a domain name that is not actually used, registration of a domain name that is inconsistent with the original purpose or content of the community and other services being used, any activity that does not use the service as the main purpose.
5. PlayX4 may delete all information related to the service without the consent of the user if it is determined that the member violates these terms and conditions.

Chapter 3 obligations and responsibilities
Article 14 (PlayX4's obligations)
1. PlayX4 is not prohibited by laws and these terms and conditions or does not act contrary to public morals, and has an obligation to continuously and stably provide services. 2. PlayX4 allows users to use the service on the start date of service requested by the user unless there are special circumstances.
3. PlayX4 shall not disclose or distribute members' personal information to others without their consent. However, this is not the case if there is a request from the relevant state agencies, etc. according to related laws such as telecommunications related laws.
4. PlayX4 must have a security system to protect users' personal information (including credit information) so that users can safely use PlayX4 services.
5. PlayX4 is not responsible for any disruption in service use due to reasons attributable to the user.

Article 15 (Member's obligations)
1. When registering as a member, the required information must be accurately entered. In addition, the information about you that has already been provided must be maintained and updated to be accurate, and members must not allow their PlayX4 ID and password to be used by a third party.
2. Members cannot perform any commercial activities using the service without prior consent of PlayX4.
3. Members cannot copy, reproduce, change, translate, publish, broadcast, or provide information obtained through PlayX4 service to others without prior consent of PlayX4.
4. Members shall not perform any of the following actions in relation to the use of PlayX4 services.
1) Misuse of another member's PlayX4 ID
2) Activities for the purpose of criminal activity or related to other criminal activities
3) Good manners and other acts that harm social order
4) An act that defames or insults others.
5) Infringement of other's intellectual property rights
6) Hacking or spreading computer viruses
7) Continuously transmitting certain contents such as advertising information against the will of others
8) Any action that may interfere or may interfere with the safe operation of the service
9) Change of information posted on the PlayX4 site.
10) Other acts that violate Article 53 of the Telecommunications Act, Article 16 of the Enforcement Decree of the Telecommunications Business Act (incompetent communication), and Article 53 of the Telecommunications Business Act

Article 16 (deletion of public posts)
If the contents of a user's public post fall under any of the following, PlayX4 may delete the public post without prior notice to the user, and may limit, suspend or lose the user's membership.
1) Content that defames other users or third parties by slandering or slandering
2) Content that disseminates information, sentences, figures, etc. that violate public order and morals
3) Content judged to be related to criminal activity
4) Content that infringes other users' or third parties' copyrights and other rights
5) Content that is judged to violate other relevant laws and regulations
① The copyrights and other intellectual property rights for works created by PlayX4 belong to PlayX4.
② The user shall not use the information obtained by using the PlayX4 site for commercial purposes or allow it to be used by a third party through reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcasting or other methods without prior consent of PlayX4.

Chapter 4 Others
Article 17 (ownership of PlayX4)
1. The intellectual property rights and other rights related to the services provided by PlayX4, necessary software, images, marks, logos, designs, service names, information and trademarks, etc. are owned by PlayX4.
2. You may modify, lend, lend, sell, distribute, produce, transfer, sublicense, secure mortgage, commercial You cannot use it, and you cannot allow a third party to do this.

Article 18 (No transfer)
Members cannot transfer or donate the right to use the service or the status of other use contracts to others, and cannot provide this as collateral.

Article 19 (Compensation for Damage)
PlayX4 shall not be held liable for any damages incurred to members in relation to the services provided for free, except for criminal acts intentionally committed by PlayX4.

Article 20 (disclaimer)
1. PlayX4 does not have any confidence or obligation to represent any opinions or information expressed on the service, and does not approve, oppose, or modify the opinions expressed by members or third parties. In any case, PlayX4 is not responsible for any loss or harm caused by the member's reliance on the information contained in the service.
2. PlayX4 does not bear any responsibility for goods or financial transactions between members or between members and third parties, and does not bear any responsibility for the benefits expected by members in relation to the use of the service. Not.

Article 1 (Effective Date)
These terms will be effective from February 1st, 2022.
Collection and use of personal information
Personal information is information about a surviving individual. PlayX4 B2B (hereinafter referred to as "PlayX4") established and operated by Gyeonggi Contents Agency based on real name, resident registration number, etc. Even if it is not identifiable, it includes something that can be easily combined and identified with other information). The personal information collected by PlayX4 is used for the following purposes.

① Membership Management: Identification of membership, personal identification, prevention of illegal use and unauthorized use of bad members, confirmation of intention to join, limit the number of subscriptions and subscriptions, record preservation for dispute settlement, complaint handling, and notices Delivery
2. Items of personal information to be collected and collection method
end. Items of personal information to be collected.
① Upon initial membership registration, the following information is collected to identify members and provide optimized services.
Required items: name, email, company name, representative contact information, representative name, address
Optional: Homepage address, emergency contact number, department, position
② The following information may be generated and collected during the service use process or business processing process.
Record service usage, access log, cookie, and access IP information
Basis for retention: Protection of Communications Secrets Act
Retention period: 3 months
I. Collection method
PlayX4 collects personal information in the following ways

Membership registration through the homepage, application for support projects
3. Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information Collected In principle, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information has been achieved, the information will be destroyed without delay when withdrawing from membership. However, the following information is retained for the specified period for the following reasons.
① Preserved personal information related to business matching-Items to be preserved: name, company name, e-mail
Basis for retention: Prevent duplicate applications and preserve support history
Retention period: Identification information: 2 years / Application history and company information: 2 years
4. The information subject may refuse to consent to the purpose of collection and use of personal information, and if the consent is rejected, membership registration is not possible on this website, and services provided on the website are not available.
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