2021 PlayX4 Visitors’ pre-registration

You can apply for participation only after you agreed to the terms and conditions of the exhibition.

Exhibition participation Terms and Conditions

1. Personal information is information about a surviving individual. PlayX4 B2C (hereinafter referred to as "PlayX4") built and operated by KINTEX Co., Ltd., based on real name, resident registration number, etc. (Including anything that can be easily identified by combining it with other information, even if it cannot be identified). The personal information collected by PlayX4 is used for the following purposes.

※ Purpose of use of collected personal information: Membership management Membership system identification, personal identification, prevention of illegal use and unauthorized use of bad members, confirmation of sign-up intention, limiting the number of sign-ups and sign-ups, record preservation for dispute settlement, and complaint handling Handling civil complaints, etc., delivering notices

2. Items of personal information to be collected and collection method
end. Personal information items to be collected
① At the time of initial membership registration, the following information is collected to identify members and provide optimized services.
Required items: name, date of birth, gender, contact information (mobile phone), residence, age group ② The following information may be generated and collected during the service use process or business processing process.
Records service usage records, access logs, cookies, and access IP information
Preservation Basis: Protection of Communications Secrets Act
Retention period: 3 months

I. Collection method
Membership registration through the homepage

3. Period of retention and use of collected personal information In principle, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information has been achieved, the information will be destroyed without delay in the event of membership withdrawal.
However, the following information is retained for the specified period for the following reasons.
Visit application personal information: name, place of residence, contact information, age group Basis for preservation: Information on annual event visitor information and information on events for the next year
Retention period: 2 years

4. The information subject may refuse to consent to the purpose of collection and use of personal information, and if the consent is rejected, membership registration on this website is not possible, and services provided on the website are not available.

Consent to personal quarantine

I will thoroughly observe personal quarantine such as wearing a mask at all times when visiting Play Expo and using hand sanitizer when entering the event.

If you do not comply with the rules of personal quarantine, you cannot participate in the event.