2021 PlayX4 exhibition application

You can apply for participation only after you agreed to the terms and conditions of the exhibition.

Exhibition participation Terms and Conditions

[Article 1] Terminology

1.'Exhibition' means '2021 PlayX4'.
2.'Organizer' refers to'Gyeonggi-do', the organizing organization of'Exhibition'.
3.'Organizer' refers to KINTEX, which organizes the'Exhibition'.
4.'Exhibitor' refers to a company, association, organization, etc. that has completed an application for participation in the'Exhibition'.

[Article 2] Application for participation

The'exhibitor' who wishes to apply for participation in the exhibition must complete the submission of the application through the'exhibition' homepage, and the final participation is confirmed after receiving approval from the'organizer'.

[Article 3] Approval conditions

The'Organizer' will comprehensively consider the suitability of the exhibited items and whether the event concept conforms to the received application, and notify the'Organizer' of the completion of the application after final approval.

[Article 4] Offline booth location and assignment

The location and allocation of offline booths is prioritized in the order of registration by the'exhibitor' and can be adjusted by the'organizer' if necessary.

[Article 5] Online exhibition

1. The online exhibition platform opened on the official website of the'Exhibition' is provided free of charge by the'Organizer' to the'Exhibitor' whose application is confirmed, and the submitted materials are used only by the'Organizer' during the exhibition period and after the end of the exhibition period. If the'participant' requests it, or if it is necessary to prepare for the next year's'exhibition', it can be deleted from the'exhibition' homepage.
2. The copyright for the online exhibition platform provided to the'Exhibitor' belongs to the'Organizer', and the'Exhibitor' cannot raise an objection. However, data submitted by'participants' are not included here.

[Article 6]'Exhibitor' Notice

If the'Exhibitor' displays an exhibit that is different from the'Exhibitor''s exhibits specified in the'Exhibitor' application or that is contrary to the nature of the exhibition in an online or offline booth, the'Organizer' may request immediate removal or deletion, in this case The'exhibitor' cannot claim compensation accordingly.

[Article 7] Exhibition operation and management

The operation and management of the'Exhibition' is conducted in consultation with the'Organizer' and the'Organizer', and in the case of the'Exhibition' online exhibition and offline booth, the'Exhibitor' composes the exhibits.

[Article 8] Termination of contract

1. If the'Exhibitor' does not submit the materials requested by the'Exhibitor' for online and offline exhibition by the'Exhibitor' within the deadline, the'Organizer' may unilaterally invalidate the application for participation.
2.'Exhibitors' cannot cancel their participation after the start of the online and offline exhibitions, and online and offline booths must be operated under the responsibility of the'exhibitors' until the exhibition is over.
3. If the'Exhibitor' wishes to cancel participation in the'Exhibition' before the'Exhibition' commencement, the'Exhibitor' must send a written notification of the intention to cancel the participation.

[Article 9] Cancellation and change of exhibition

1. The'Organizer' refers to the'Exhibition' server when requested by the government and the'organizer' due to social disasters (spread of Corona 19 or equivalent infectious diseases, etc.) and natural disasters (natural disasters, etc.), or attacks by external hackers. If there is a problem such as down, the'Exhibition' may be canceled or the holding date may be changed or reduced, and losses incurred to the'Exhibitor' due to this reason are not compensated. 2. If it is deemed necessary, the'Organizer' may change the duration and opening hours of the exhibition in consultation with the'Organizer', and losses incurred to the'Exhibitor' for this reason are not compensated.

[Article 10] Supplementary Regulations

If necessary, the'Organizer' may enact supplementary rules not specified in the Participation Regulations, and the'Exhibitor' must follow the interpretation of the authority of the'Organizer'.

[Article 11] Dispute Resolution

Disputes arising between the ‘Organizer’, ‘Organizer’ and ‘Exhibitor’ related to this Participation Regulations and other disputes regarding the rights and obligations of both parties are subject to arbitration by the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board, and the decision cannot be filed with the court.