Rush Hour Rally

Rush Hour Rally
Launch (scheduled) platform PC, Mobile, Console
Launch (scheduled) genre Action
Development phase


Commercialization scheduled date(2023. 01. 01)
Game introduction Start the life of an outlaw rally driver on your way home from work every day. Dangerous rally races to and from the city center are ready for you. Don't forget that the police are paying attention to you. So, you'll have to learn how to outrun them too!

Company information

Soen Games

Address Gangdong Woojung Esher 102 dong, 1004ho, 163-14 bunji, Chunhodong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea


Soen Games aims to coplete the Soen City Universe. To achieve this, we have steadily accumulated related technologies and know-how over the past few years. Soen Games will build games this way to coplete Soen City.
Representative name Moon Hong Jae
phone Nr. 010-9876-6026

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