Launch (scheduled) platform PC
Launch (scheduled) genre Action, Adventure
Development phase


Commercialization scheduled date(2022. 03. 30)
Game introduction Werewild is a metroidvania platform game with hard-boiled psychic infused action.

The city-kingdom in struggle to survive, isolated within the desolated barrens. Once glorious past of golden age, shined with the technology of powerstones, is now just an old fairytale.
In the deepest darkest corner of Leonis, where the ancient technology of powerstone is secretly studied, the nameless wolf only known as his specimen number, Wolf-359, awakes in rage and confusion.

Company information

Team Wilds

Address 203Ho 5, Donggyo-ro 41-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Website twitter.com/team_wilds

We are a team of four indie game enthusiasts, have great passion in developing the game of our own with active and open-minded attitude.
Representative name Joo Sanghyun
phone Nr. 01031928982

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