Metro Blossom

Metro Blossom
Launch (scheduled) platform Mobile
Launch (scheduled) genre Role-playing, Adventure
Development phase


Commercialization (2021. 02. 01)
Android :
IOS :메트로-블로썸-텍스트-rpg/id1521802138
Game introduction Metro Blossom is a text RPG. The backbone of this game, just like other table RPGs, consists of making hard choices and rolling dices. Once you make the first choice of getting out of the house, you will find yourself in apocalyptic Seoul filled with 'head-popped(or blossomed, since it resembles a flower…)' zombies to find your puppy, Merry. Of course, along the way, survival becomes your first goal.

Company information

The Sane Studio

Address 95, Docheong-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea


The Sane Studio is a team of six creative individuals. We love building indie games that provide a unique worldview and immersive storytelling. We succeeded in crowd-funding (in a platform 'Tumblbug') and launched Metro Blossom in Feb. 2021.
Representative name Jeong Jae Hyun
phone Nr. 01029124050

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