Baals's Gluttony

Baals's Gluttony
Launch (scheduled) platform Mobile
Launch (scheduled) genre Role-playing, Adventure
Development phase


Commercialization scheduled date(2021. 06. 30)
Game introduction While the world being contaminated with the "Curse of Immortality" which deprives the living of their death, "Baal the glutton" went on a quest to save the world. Will this predator known for its "Gluttony" save the world and make it come back to a happy end?

This is a 3D mobile RPG game in which the player could seek pleasure wiping out their enemies and level up. Check out its endings concluded in a variety of ways defined by your own actions.

Company information

Pandora Cube

Address 318, Sejong-kwan, Sejong University, 209, Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Pandora Cube is a game production club of Sejong University.

A group of diverse students, regardless of any conditions, have gathered together to develop games. A total of 90 members work in three areas: design, art, and programming. From beginners to graduates, all members exchange information and knowledge with each other. The main activities of this club include curricula, group studies, and seminars. Through this academic process, our members reach the final step of creating their own game.
Representative name Seongbum Seo
phone Nr. 010-9281-2288